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God bless

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Story

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God Bless
Love, E <3

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My life has certainly had its ups and downs, and I think it will continue to. Right now, I am glad to say that I'm having an 'up'. I guess there are things that I still feel need sorting out, I'm still confused about my emotions, but I'm happy. I have a wonderful fiance and more than I need. Words just don't do justice, when I try to describe how much I love Rob. He makes me so happy and I don't think I thank God enough for him. So many times I have felt so undeserving of anyone's love, but God put Rob and I together, which just shows me that our God is a loving and providing God. I am growing closer in my relationship with God, with Rob, and even with some of my friends. God has been fixing me. I guess I regret being angry at God. I know it is ok to be, but I feel guilty when I get angry, God may let pain into my life, but He also fixes it in His time. I don't know how long my happiness will last, but I'm happy now, and that seems to be all that matters at the moment.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time to vent

So the last few weeks have been kind of busy and I want to vent.... have fun hearing it.

 So much has to do with GB. This term we have been practicing Figure marching for the competition (which was tonight) for 20 minutes/ half an hour every Tuesday. We have had to plan around all of it, and have only had one chance to practice the song that we will be singing on church parade, which is coming up in 2 more weekends.The Tuesday before last was really busy, so we had no chance to practice our song and last Tuesday we had a shortened night, dedicated to Figure marching only, which again left no time to practice our song. Next week is the only week left to practice our song, because the week after is Mothers night, and that weekend is of course the church parade. Apart from that, as I said we had the Figure marching comp tonight, two weekends ago we had a fun fair at a local primary school to attend, and the Wednesday before that was the ANZAC day march.

Heh, and that is just what has been going on in GB alone... there is so much more going on.

My Engagement Party is this Saturday. We have been planning the party for ages. The worst part has been making the invites, sending them out, and trying to get RSV P's from people. Apparently the trend these days is to not RSVP!!!! Tis frustrating. It has also been hard trying to figure out how much food and drinks we need for the amount of people coming, and what to buy. We went shopping just Yesterday... we bought a helium bottle for the balloons and some weights for the balloons, I had collected all of the other decoration stuff over the past weeks. We had to find Rob a shirt to go with Rob's new pants that he bought just last Thursday. And of course we had to buy all of the food and drinks, which worked out, but was still a challenge. Yeah, and I also had my own fiasco with the dress I bought for the party, it needed a bit of altering, so my wonderful Grandma and Mum had to fix it. Now I am pretty sure I am going to freeze, because April was the coldest April since like 1985 or something, and now it is May, it is heaps cold. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention this, while we were at the shops I suddenly started feeling sick like half an hour before I was supposed to get my hair cut. I ended up being patient and getting it done in the end, but it wasn't fun like I wanted it to be. I'm still sick, with just tomorrow in between now and Saturday, so I am panicking about that a little. Anywho, I think we are mostly prepared for the party... Although I have that feeling that we have forgotten something... then again it is getting to the point where details don't matter any more.
Poor Mum has been organising so much, she did the majority of the invites for the party, and has fixed my dress, and came shopping with Rob and I. I owe her big time. Today she was busy frantically cleaning the house, because her cousin, Lee, is staying over on Friday and both him and Grandma on Saturday. I haven't been able to help much, because I'm sick. She also cooked a slice tonight. Tomorrow Mum will be doing more cleaning, but mostly cooking... she has to cook two cakes for the party. I'm planning on cooking a cake for the people who have had birthdays. Cousin Lee's birthday is on the actual party day, and Matt's birthday is the next day... and there have been so many birthdays this week, which some of those people are coming to my party. So I think it will be a rather busy day tomorrow. As for Saturday, we will be setting up the church hall in the morning, trying to make it as nice as possible. Then we can have a break in between then and the party, but we will obviously have to be there early for the party to sort our food *sigh* Then we will have the party and the clean up afterwards.

OK so apart from the party, as I said it is Matt's Birthday on Sunday, which is also Mothers day. We will be having a very early breakfast on Sunday morning for Mothers day, with my Mum's side of the family, and we may or may not be going to church afterwards. After that, we will probably spend some time with Rob's Mum, and then we are having an afternoon tea at our house with my Dad's side of the family for Mothers day, Matt's birthday, and my cousin Andrew's birthday which was also this week.

On top of that, I have been having driving lessons, because I FINALLY decided to get my Learners licence. I have also been doing a lot of job searching and have had a few interviews.

I'll admit, I suppose I am sounding probably more over the top than I should. Yes I have been busy, and this weekend will be big, but I suppose I have had some time to relax. I have had a lot on my mind emotionally, and am trying to fix up some troubles in my life.Unfortunately in the time I have to relax, I can't fix everything, but I'm getting there.

After re-reading what I have just wrote, it sounds like a cluttered mess, and I'll be surprised if you have read this far... but I'll keep going.
Yep, the last few weeks have been busy, I'll say.... and I'm certainly looking forward to it not being so busy. I think the fact that our Figure marching competition is over now, it will give us a bit more time to do what we want at GB. So I'm trying to be positive, I will be thrilled when church parade is over and done with, because it means that we won't have anything to worry about with GB.... for now that is.
After the party, and this weekend, I think I will be able to focus on moving forward a bit more. Perhaps I will have more time to think, and not worry. I will have more time to job search and more time to do some driving.

Heh, you have no idea how good I feel after venting. I don't care to much if no one reads this, I just feel so relieved to write it down and get it off my back. I suppose, now that I have said what I have said, I feel inspired. I knew I was busy, but I think as I was writing this all down, I realized just how busy. It may sound strange, but I think this is wonderful! God has yet again shown me that he has pulled me through busyness. I have gotten so much accomplished, and although I am looking forward to a bit more free time, I'm interested to see what God will do in my life next :)

That is all for now,
Love, Elissa.

Friday, May 4, 2012

This is a song I wrote for Rob. I know it isn't perfect, but it was only meant for him, and he insisted I share it. I hope you somewhat enjoy it too.

For You

V1: Hold me closer dear, so we can be safe
and never let go, hold me so

V2: If I could stop time, then it would stand still
and we could be forever, not left to dream

CH1: Oh the way you look at me
it makes me feel so free
free to love you now and always
free to be

V3: And when we sleep, you'll be holding me
and you'll take care of me, so gently

CH2: Oh and the way you look at me
it makes me feel so free
free to love you now and always
free to be
Because you make me feel things
that I've never felt before
Please don't ever, ever let us part

V4: You'll be holding me, forever you'll see
and we will be ok, just you and me

End: We will be ok, nothing will take us away.