We all have different lives, and this blog is revealing some of mine :) enjoy!

God bless

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Deas Vail

Let me introduce you to Deas Vail... They are a band that Rob and I stumbled along when we were searching for bands that Matt Thiessen (Lead singer of Relient.K) has done work with.
The song we found is called "Birds" off their "Birds and Cages CD (Thiessen does the bridge) . I found the words very poetic and powerful, and the music just leads me to another place. I have listened to a few of their songs now, and I have grown quite obsessed. I will never be as obsessed with Deas Vail as I am with Relient.K, but they are still amazing. Plus it helps that they used Thiessen in one of their songs :)

Deas Vail means "God" in Latin and "Humble Servant" in Old French. I like it!

 This is our true alarms.
This is reality.
We will do what we can.
We are just figurines
with a theology
that we don’t understand.

We can’t forget the beginning,
when He set our broken wings. ooh, ohh,

God, how much does it take.
for us to be loved?
For us to be saved?
We all are birds
stuck inside our cage,
covered up with grace.
And behind our sins
we hide our face.
Oh, the numbers call.
Yeah, they’re dialing in.
but, we can’t help but to compare ourselves again.

I can’t believe in this—
this blue-lipped, lifeless kiss.
We can’t see past our thrones.
We fight for life within,
but our walls are wearing thin.
Oh God, where have we gone?

When I’m just one fighting indifference,
does it matter what I say? ooh, ohh,

God, how much does it take
for us to be loved?
For us to be saved?
We all are birds
stuck inside our cage,
covered up with grace.
And behind our sins
we hide our face.
Oh, the numbers call.
Yeah, they’re dialing in.
But, we can’t help but to compare ourselves again.

It’s not that there were ever bad intentions—
it’s more that we forgot where to call home.
From important things that we don’t know to mention,
it’s the uniform that we put on—the formula we have for love.

Beautiful intentions
Formula for love

Beautiful intentions
Formula for love

It’s not that there were ever bad intentions—
it’s more that we forgot where to call home.
From important things that we don’t know to mention,
it’s the uniform that we put on—the formula we have for love

<<<<<Wes Blaylock is the Lead singer. I am pretty sure his voice is incredible! He's also clearly gorgeous! 

Check them out on Wiki.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Absolutely bleh

Being sick is really bringing me down at the moment. I have been feeling worse in the past two weeks. This is week 29 of my sore throat :( I just want it to be the 17th of April already, I wish my ENT appointment was earlier. Apart from that I'm feeling kind of low about my work situation, and I just feel bleh in general.
Luckily I have Rob to keep me sane, I don't know what I would do without him.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Just letting you know that I have deleted some posts. If some of the other posts don't make sense, you know why!

Love, Elissa

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am pretty sure I have done like 5 of these quizzes on my blog, but I'm bored, and there are some new questions :)

1. Name-  Elissa May Kingsford 2. Nickname- E, Liss or Eeeelissa.
3. High school-
Ferny Grove
4. Tall or short-
Both :) 5. Orange or apple- Sometimes Orange, sometimes Apple
6. Crushing on someone-
Yeah, my Fiance ;)
7. Eat or drink-
8. Piercings -
One set of earrings
9. Pepsi or coke -
Coke, Pepsi is ew.

Have you ever....
10. Been in an airplane?
Yes but I was too young to remember.
11. Been in a relationship?
Still am, always will be.
12. Been in a car accident?
Not really, only a small one. 13. Been in a fist fight? Nope.
Firsts & lasts
14. First piercings-
See above.
15. First best friend-
16. First award-
No idea, probably a good girl award in primary school.
17. First crush-
Jake Thompson. 18. First word- Boo!
19. Last person you talked to in person-
Mum. 20. Last text- A mushy text from Rob. 21. Last friend you watched a movie with-  Rob
22. Last movie you watched in the cinemas-
Hugo in 3D.
23. Last food you ate-
Strawberry Clouds. 24. Last song u listened to- 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord). 25. Last thing you bought- V energy drink, Strawberry Clouds, Sour Gummy Worms, Ice Coffee (For Rob), Cheese and bacon roll (also for Rob). 26. Last person you hugged-  Jane.

27. Food-
Shepherds Pie. 28. Drink- Water. 29. Flower- Don't have one. 30. Animal- Wombats.
31. Colour-
Pink and Purple. 32. Place- Home. 33. Movie-  The Lion King. 34. Subject- Jesus <3

Have you ever..
35. Fallen in love?
Yes, and I still am very much in love. 36. Celebrated Halloween? Nope, I'm Australian. 37. Went over the texts on your phone? Probably. 38. Wanted to smash someone in the head? Nope, but I always want to hit my brothers. 39. Eaten a hole pizza? Nearly.
40. Did something you regret? All the time. Sin.
41. Broke a promise?
Of course... I think we all have.
42. Hid a secret?
Yes, secrets are secret.
43. Pretended to be happy?
All the time.
Your future
44. Want kids?
3. 45. Want to get married? Yes, I will be getting married next year. 46. Career? Nanny.
47. family?

Which is better in the opposite gender...
48. Lips or eyes-
Mmmm, eyes to look at, lips to kiss. 49. Shorter or taller- Taller.
50. Romantic or spontaneous-
Romantic. 51. Hook up or relationship- Relationship. 52. Looks or personality- Personality.

Have you ever...
53. Lost glasses or contacts-
Yes, I lost my glasses once.. never found them either. 54. Ran into a glass door- Haha. Yep.
55. Held a knife for self defense-
Nope. 56. Broken someones heart- Yes. 57. Been in love- Still am.
58. Been arrested-
Do you believe in..
59. Yourself-
Not all the time. 60. Miracles- Yes. 61. Love at first sight- Nope. 62. Santa- Nope. 63. Forever and always- Eternity with Jesus.
64. Someone you want to be with right now?
Rob. 65. Who your real friends are? Rob, James, Kat, Louis. I do have other friends but I don't get personal with them at all. 66. Last person you text? Rob.
67. Your best friend?
Rob. 68. Boy you trust the most? Rob.
69. Girl you trust the most?

180 Movie

This movie starts of talking about Hitler, and ends up talking about abortion. It seems weird at first, but this movie brings an amazing message. I urge you to watch it. Feel free to leave comments :)

Just letting you know that the movie goes for about half an hour, it also has images of dead people, that may disturb you.... But please don't let that stop you from watching it! You won't regret it.

God bless

Love, E <3

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just because I can

I eated a lot of sherbit straws!
Omomnomnomnom :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I spend a lot of my time in deep thought, although some of my thoughts are ridiculously ridiculous. Sometimes my emotions collide with my thoughts, and make them unspeakable. It isn't that I don't want to say what I am thinking, I just can't. It is like when you have a dream and you remember what it was about, what it felt like, and what it looked like, but you can't describe it. Most of my thoughts are just plain confuffling.... even if I could tell you, I don't think you would really understand. I realise that I am telling you my thoughts as I blog, but it isn't quite the same. I'm talking real deep thoughts that I don't even understand. I find it crazy that God understands me more than I understand myself. Sometimes I feel like reading God's mind, but I think there are some things we just shouldn't know, even if it is about ourselves. Our brains block out certain things, and some of the stuff it blocks out can seem so meaningless. Every now and then a memory just randomly pops into my head because something had reminded me of this memory. It just appears out of no where, and suddenly I remember, and all I think is "Huh?". Some thoughts and memories just don't make sense at all... I tend to wonder why my brain would have blocked something so insignificant out, and why I would remember this thought later on. I mean like there are so many things that I have remembered of my past recently that are significant, and I think "Wow ok, that makes more sense now"... like when I remembered that my Dad used to tell me that if I didn't stop chucking tantrums he would take me to the doctors... For a long time I had wondered why I felt so mental, and then suddenly something triggered that lost thought of what Dad had said to me, and it made sense that it was why I felt mental.
Our past and present changes the way we think... it is influenced by the people around us. I'm an impressionable person... and I think most people are actually... I notice it more than others I know though. I tend to be like people that I am around, when I spend a lot of time with them or know them well. Rob and I are two very different people, but I know that in the past 3 and a half years, we have spent a lot of time with each other and I have noticed that some of my mannerisms are the same as his. I think like him a little bit more, I like having the same interests. I find him predictable too, because I know him so well, and I like that. Yes, it has even gotten to the stage where I can finish his sentences. Bec and I used to do that a lot when we were little, we used to say that we could read each other's minds. Minds make me feel 'Mind blown' ;) They are confuffling by wonderful.

Hehe, and notice I wrote this post to get you thinking! 

Love, -E-

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who am I? What is my right?

Who am I to smile
to laugh?
Why do I have the right to be embraced
to have a fiance
to have a loving family
to be loved
to have a life?
Seriously... who am I to live?
Why do I get to live and be loved? Why Why Why?
Why do I have more than enough food to eat and water to drink
a house
more than I need????


Jesus gave me the right to smile, to laugh, to be embraced, to have a fiance, to have a loving family, to be loved, to have a life, to live, to have enough food to eat and water to drink, to have a house, to have more than I need.
He sacrificed His life for me, so that I could have life. I feel so undeserving. I can't stress to you how badly I feel about myself sometimes. Yet I am so selfish. I don't make sense to myself.
And why am I living in a fortunate country? How come I'm not starving?
Heh, even people who are living in fortunate countries can have it bad. Some people are still poor. And some people are abused. Some people don't have life!
.... Yet, I do...
Why me Jesus? You sacrificed your life for all, yet I know of people who barely have a life.
I know that no one deserves life, but we get it anyway, and for some reason I have all I need to have a good life, and I ruin it with sin, with selfishness, with a disobedient heart.
I need you Jesus... but I keep running. I keep hiding.

Who am I? What is my right? 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something to think about.

A few years back, I was talking in a small group, and we were having a good conversation about God, the universe and everything. At one stage we were asking questions that we really wanted to know, and my friend had a good one. She asked what would have happened if Jesus didn't die on the cross... I thought the obvious answer was that we wouldn't exist. We all had a think about it, until my friend told us that she had talked to a pastor about this question, and the pastor told her that Jesus would still be here, living among us today. We wouldn't be forgiven for our sins either.... This answer shocked me. Just the thought that Jesus would still be here! Of course He would, He would have to be, because He was fully man, and the only way for man to leave the earth is to die! It got me imagining what the world would be like. I figure it would be a lot like before Jesus, where we would have to sacrifice bulls and other animals on alters. I don't think that the world would be as advanced as it is now. I reckon we would be way behind what we are now. It is hard to imagine. I find it hard to think about Jesus wondering on earth, maybe still performing miracles. What a crazy thought! But Jesus died for us... He sacrificed His life, and went through more emotional and physical pain than anyone has felt or will ever feel. I'm a selfish person, so I'm glad He did die for me. I am sorry that He had to do that for me, but I just can't contemplate my life without His sacrifice. He put an end to all sacrificing of animals, and made Himself a sacrifice. INCREDIBLE!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Same Sex Marriage

I usually avoid this topic, but it shouldn't be avoided. It is important for me in my faith to share the truth.
I'm not homophobic at all, I certainly don't run away when a homosexual approaches me, but Same Sex Marriage is not ok, it is sin.  I have believed for a long time that the different acts of  sin aren't equal e.g Murder is worse than stealing.... but sin itself is equal, because all sin separates us from our Father. I know very well that I sin as much as homosexuals are sinning, I am no better. Just because my sin is different, doesn't make me any better... I just wanted to make that clear first... but I am completely against same sex marriage. For me to tell you that I'm against this sin as much as every other, it is important for me to also tell you why I believe and why God knows, that those sins are wrong. I might get to them another day, but in this day and time, I feel as though I should talk about this particular sin, and the many reasons to why I disagree with it.

Reason 1: When God created man and women, He didn't say "You may go and marry anyone you like, it doesn't matter if they are the same sex as you"... No, He chose man and woman to love each other. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, Sin came into existence. Homosexuality wasn't around until sin came into existence, therefore it is a sin.The reason why this is a sin, is because God knows what is best for us. Even though we might not be able to see why homosexuality is harmful, God does, and He desperately wants what is best for us. I might also add that animals don't mate with/try to woo the same sex.... and our unmentionables only fit with those of the opposite sex! :)

Reason 2: Marriage is a unique relationship between one man and one woman. Marriage is something to take VERY seriously. Leaving, cleaving and becoming one flesh (Gen 2:24), is an incredibly important guide to having a Godly, stable marriage.

Reason 3: Marriage is also the foundation of family, which in turn is the foundation of society.

Reason 4: If marriage can be redefined to include two people of the same gender, why not three or more people? I doubt that it will ever happen, and I sure hope that it never happens. The Australian government talks about legalising same sex marriage as being a freedom thing, but what about this case? Will they legalize it, will they legalize other cases like this?

Reason 5: Marriage is deeply held by a large proportion of the population for cultural and religious reasons and this should be respected. Redefining marriage has potential serious consequences for religious freedom and freedom of conscience.

Reason 6:  What about the children? Same-sex marriage sets up a new family model that trashes the truth that gender is vital to a child in family formation. Research shows that a child with married, biological mother and father do best.... Children should be given the chance to start life with both their biological parents.

 I'm sure that I could think of more reasons... but do you see why it is important not to allow same sex marriage to happen? I deeply hope that if you were for same sex marriage, this helped you understand that it is damaging and sinful. We should be preventing sin, not allowing it!

God bless
Love, E.

p.s. I can't say that I would like to argue with you about this, but if you have questions... please comment!