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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am pretty sure I have done like 5 of these quizzes on my blog, but I'm bored, and there are some new questions :)

1. Name-  Elissa May Kingsford 2. Nickname- E, Liss or Eeeelissa.
3. High school-
Ferny Grove
4. Tall or short-
Both :) 5. Orange or apple- Sometimes Orange, sometimes Apple
6. Crushing on someone-
Yeah, my Fiance ;)
7. Eat or drink-
8. Piercings -
One set of earrings
9. Pepsi or coke -
Coke, Pepsi is ew.

Have you ever....
10. Been in an airplane?
Yes but I was too young to remember.
11. Been in a relationship?
Still am, always will be.
12. Been in a car accident?
Not really, only a small one. 13. Been in a fist fight? Nope.
Firsts & lasts
14. First piercings-
See above.
15. First best friend-
16. First award-
No idea, probably a good girl award in primary school.
17. First crush-
Jake Thompson. 18. First word- Boo!
19. Last person you talked to in person-
Mum. 20. Last text- A mushy text from Rob. 21. Last friend you watched a movie with-  Rob
22. Last movie you watched in the cinemas-
Hugo in 3D.
23. Last food you ate-
Strawberry Clouds. 24. Last song u listened to- 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord). 25. Last thing you bought- V energy drink, Strawberry Clouds, Sour Gummy Worms, Ice Coffee (For Rob), Cheese and bacon roll (also for Rob). 26. Last person you hugged-  Jane.

27. Food-
Shepherds Pie. 28. Drink- Water. 29. Flower- Don't have one. 30. Animal- Wombats.
31. Colour-
Pink and Purple. 32. Place- Home. 33. Movie-  The Lion King. 34. Subject- Jesus <3

Have you ever..
35. Fallen in love?
Yes, and I still am very much in love. 36. Celebrated Halloween? Nope, I'm Australian. 37. Went over the texts on your phone? Probably. 38. Wanted to smash someone in the head? Nope, but I always want to hit my brothers. 39. Eaten a hole pizza? Nearly.
40. Did something you regret? All the time. Sin.
41. Broke a promise?
Of course... I think we all have.
42. Hid a secret?
Yes, secrets are secret.
43. Pretended to be happy?
All the time.
Your future
44. Want kids?
3. 45. Want to get married? Yes, I will be getting married next year. 46. Career? Nanny.
47. family?

Which is better in the opposite gender...
48. Lips or eyes-
Mmmm, eyes to look at, lips to kiss. 49. Shorter or taller- Taller.
50. Romantic or spontaneous-
Romantic. 51. Hook up or relationship- Relationship. 52. Looks or personality- Personality.

Have you ever...
53. Lost glasses or contacts-
Yes, I lost my glasses once.. never found them either. 54. Ran into a glass door- Haha. Yep.
55. Held a knife for self defense-
Nope. 56. Broken someones heart- Yes. 57. Been in love- Still am.
58. Been arrested-
Do you believe in..
59. Yourself-
Not all the time. 60. Miracles- Yes. 61. Love at first sight- Nope. 62. Santa- Nope. 63. Forever and always- Eternity with Jesus.
64. Someone you want to be with right now?
Rob. 65. Who your real friends are? Rob, James, Kat, Louis. I do have other friends but I don't get personal with them at all. 66. Last person you text? Rob.
67. Your best friend?
Rob. 68. Boy you trust the most? Rob.
69. Girl you trust the most?


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