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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something to think about.

A few years back, I was talking in a small group, and we were having a good conversation about God, the universe and everything. At one stage we were asking questions that we really wanted to know, and my friend had a good one. She asked what would have happened if Jesus didn't die on the cross... I thought the obvious answer was that we wouldn't exist. We all had a think about it, until my friend told us that she had talked to a pastor about this question, and the pastor told her that Jesus would still be here, living among us today. We wouldn't be forgiven for our sins either.... This answer shocked me. Just the thought that Jesus would still be here! Of course He would, He would have to be, because He was fully man, and the only way for man to leave the earth is to die! It got me imagining what the world would be like. I figure it would be a lot like before Jesus, where we would have to sacrifice bulls and other animals on alters. I don't think that the world would be as advanced as it is now. I reckon we would be way behind what we are now. It is hard to imagine. I find it hard to think about Jesus wondering on earth, maybe still performing miracles. What a crazy thought! But Jesus died for us... He sacrificed His life, and went through more emotional and physical pain than anyone has felt or will ever feel. I'm a selfish person, so I'm glad He did die for me. I am sorry that He had to do that for me, but I just can't contemplate my life without His sacrifice. He put an end to all sacrificing of animals, and made Himself a sacrifice. INCREDIBLE!


kat said...

my first answer to that would have been he'd have died of natural causes or ascended to heaven by now not still alive/here with us... coz he'd be really really old by now and i cant picture that... lol... but the rest of it, very interesting.

kat said...

and of course i mean alive as we know it/human form etc.

Liss said...

Hmm maybe.