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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who am I? What is my right?

Who am I to smile
to laugh?
Why do I have the right to be embraced
to have a fiance
to have a loving family
to be loved
to have a life?
Seriously... who am I to live?
Why do I get to live and be loved? Why Why Why?
Why do I have more than enough food to eat and water to drink
a house
more than I need????


Jesus gave me the right to smile, to laugh, to be embraced, to have a fiance, to have a loving family, to be loved, to have a life, to live, to have enough food to eat and water to drink, to have a house, to have more than I need.
He sacrificed His life for me, so that I could have life. I feel so undeserving. I can't stress to you how badly I feel about myself sometimes. Yet I am so selfish. I don't make sense to myself.
And why am I living in a fortunate country? How come I'm not starving?
Heh, even people who are living in fortunate countries can have it bad. Some people are still poor. And some people are abused. Some people don't have life!
.... Yet, I do...
Why me Jesus? You sacrificed your life for all, yet I know of people who barely have a life.
I know that no one deserves life, but we get it anyway, and for some reason I have all I need to have a good life, and I ruin it with sin, with selfishness, with a disobedient heart.
I need you Jesus... but I keep running. I keep hiding.

Who am I? What is my right? 

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