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Friday, September 2, 2011

21 Questions

Haha,  21 questions. Apparently this game is used on dates all the time... so just in case you wanted to date me, here are some questions that I prepared earlier (found on the Internet)... You might want to know that I already have a boyfriend though :)

  • What are your educational qualifications?  I passed grade 12, I hold a cert 3 and Diploma of Children's Services.
  • Which is your favorite movie? I don't have a favourite movie as such, but I love The Lion King, Tangled, The Pirates movies, Narnia movies, and lots of chick flicks.
  • Which is your favorite color? It is a tie between Pink and Purple
  • What are your hobbies and special interests? I love singing (on stage and off), playing the piano, being musical in general, family events, spending time with Rob, watching movies, facebook, blogging, Cookie Monster, Wombats, Relient.K, food, party organising, weddings..... the list could go on.
  • Would you love to be a businessman or work as an employee? Haha, what kind of a question is this? I'll just say I am going to be an Early Childhood Educator.
  • How important is money for a person? Well... to be honest, I would love to have a lot of money, it would be great... I could get married, have a decent house, have luxuries etc.... but I don't think it is completely important. I think we all need money, because the world has made it that way. It isn't as important as family and friends, food and water... but without it we couldn't really live in this world today either, if that makes sense?
  • What according to you is more important-money or job satisfaction? Well I wouldn't work in a job that I didn't like, just because it gives me big pay. Happiness helps you to live life longer and fuller... and I think God would prefer me to be in a job that I liked.
  • Which is your favorite holiday destination? I wouldn't have a clue because I haven't been on a holiday away from home since 2003, when I went to Caloundra with my family. I have been on lots of SMASH camp's though, and they are held at Alex Head's so I think I would love to go on a holiday there. If I could, I would go to Hawaii though :)
  • How do you handle conflicts in your workplace? Another weird question.... uhm... I don't think I would really get involved myself, I am probably too shy for that, and too scared of what other people would think of me. I would pray about it instead, and let God handle it!
  • Do you believe in God? 100% yes... He is my creator, and my Father, and so much more!
  • What are the qualities which you look for in a girl? haha... I assume this question was meant for a guy? lol lol lol... I'm going to change the question... What qualities do I like in a guy? I like them to be confident, fun, they have to cope with being tickled, they need to like cuddles, I think I generally like them to be friendly and caring, loving, romantic, thoughtful... they have to want to spend time with me, and they definitely have to love God and share the same views as me. Looks don't matter, but I would like him to be attractive. I guess Rob ticks all of the boxes!
  • Do you believe in living together before marriage? Not at all... what is the point in marriage, if you are already living together and sleeping in the same bed? Even if your not sleeping in the same bed, I'm sure you would be tempted... no doubt in saying I would!
  • Do you drink or smoke? I have do drink on special occasions, and no more than two drinks. No I don't smoke, it is disgusting, and it killed my uncle!
  • Will you accept my friendship even if I am not successful in my field? Haha, hypothetically speaking... since this isn't a date.... I probably wouldn't accept friendship if the person I was on a date with, didn't tick the right boxes, because they wouldn't be suited to me at all.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Not at all. Love is something that matures and grows. That fluttery butterfly feeling you get when you see a nice looking guy, isn't love at first sight, it is a crush! Grow up people!
  • How was your first date? Where did you go? My first date was with Rob... I don't know if going to the park and making out under the rotunda counts... but it was the first time we were out together.
  • Which is the biggest lie you spoke in your life? Hmmm.... I'm not going to tell you my biggest lie... but I'll tell you one big one....I stole a bouncy ball from the shops when I was like 7 or something, and I told Mum that I found it (She obviously caught on to me though)
  • Which as the most embarrassing moment of your life? I have a few... my most embarrassing moments were when I, very noticeably, peed myself while hysterically laughing, and my friend told everyone, each time.
  • Which type of exercises do you perform-weight training, strength training or cardio? None haha... I do floor exercises every day, to improve my back problems.
  • Which is your biggest dream and what are you doing to achieve it? To get married... I'm attempting to find a job, so that I can at least provide some money, instead of Rob providing it all.
  • Which are the sports which interest you? Uhm... I like to watch the Footy, swimming, synchronized diving, gymnastics, ice skating, not much else... I'm not much of a sports person.
  • To whom are you more close-your mom or dad? Mum, but I love them both equally.
Some of those questions were quite boring, and weird. I'm not sure how many of these a guy would answer either, some of them are quite personal questions, and from my experience, guys don't tend to get overly personal on a first date, unless they are really confident.

Have fun getting to know me... sorry that I am taken ;)
Xx God bless

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