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Monday, September 19, 2011

I am so much more than I give myself credit for

I have always been uncomfortable about complimenting myself (especially in front of others) because I don't want to come across as a self obsessed person. I think it is a bit of a fear in most girls. We are too scared to admit that we are beautiful, or that we like something about ourselves... so we wait for someone to compliment us, and when someone does, we try disagree with the compliment, and then that person tries to convince us and change our mind!..... Unfortunately, it is kind of hard when you say to a friend that you are ugly, because when they tell you that your not, you end up not being sure if they are just trying cheer you up. Same goes for any compliment...When Rob listens to my singing and playing the piano, I am sometimes unsure if my voice sounds good, so I tell Rob that I suck at singing, and he will tell me that I don't, but it often leads to me being more unsure.... for all I know, he might think that I am terrible, and not want to hurt my feelings.  If I were to get a compliment or comment from a stranger, I would be more likely to believe them, because they don't know me and aren't worried about my feelings. That is why, when a guy at school that I didn't know, walked passed me and told me that I was ugly, I believed him. Comments and compliments from strangers seem to have more of an influence on our lives.

I'll be honest with you about how I feel about myself...

I think that I am pretty good looking, but I would look a lot better without the pimples on my face. I would also prefer my nose to be less stubby, and my thighs to be less fatty and full of cellulite.... but I don't think that I am ugly. Sometimes I think that I look quite good.

As for my personality... at the moment, I am quite happy to be who I am. I think that it is ok to like Cookie Monster, and to be a bit of a child at heart.I think it is pretty cool that I have obsessions, and stick to things that I like, instead of following the crowd. I like being fun and bubbly and excited. I like that I am easily motivated by others, and that I get passionate about things that most people don't really care much for. I like being laid back. I like being a leader. I like that I have a heart for children and animals... I have a soft heart... I am compassionate. I like the passion I have for music. 

My talents: I think that I can sing pretty well, I'm not spectacular, but I can sound quite good! I am pretty good at playing the piano... even though I can't read the music, I am good at learning from tutorials and from ear. I can be creative and artistic. I am good with children, and have a caring personality that sometimes draws them to me.

Tell me... do I sound Self obsessed in saying all of this?

Something that not many people realise, is that God is insulted when we don't like something about ourselves. He created us... and if you go further into it... He created us in His image.
  • So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
  • This is the written account of Adam's family line. When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God.
    We are created for God and by God... We look like Him, and each of us have His personality. Obviously there is Sin in our lives, but God made us to be like Himself. 
    I would be shattered if my art work had a mind, and I heard it thinking that it hates how I created it...... God hears our thoughts all the time. It must hurt Him when we tell ourselves, or other people, that we think we are ugly. 
    I... We.... are so much more than we give ourselves credit for... because in fact, God made us and wants us to love ourselves, and love the work He has done, and continues to do in us. I'm not a selfish person for liking myself... because liking myself it is my way of thanking God! 
    I'm not saying that being self obsessed is right... because it isn't.... God should be our main focus in life... but I don't think it is wrong to like yourself, because it is giving God a compliment :)

    God bless
    Love, Me xx

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