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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The withered plant

So I just came back from an AMAZING week at SMASH camp!!!
Words can not even describe how I feel right now. It was my second year as a leader, and my 6th time on camp, so I pretty much new what was coming.... but the thing is I didn't REALLY know what was coming. I didn't have a clue what God was going to do through me and in me. I knew that I was on the camp for a reason, but I didn't know what that exact reason was...... On camp I learnt how to rely on God and have more faith in Him. We went through the book of Mark, which I had read several times, and I still learnt so much from reading it again! It was so cool to explore Jesus' life story and how it connects with ours.  I didn't get to convert anyone, but God certainly used me ... He gave me answers to the campers questions in Small Group times, and in Night Time Cabin Devotions. I can't tell you every single amazing thing that happened obviously, because there is way too much to talk about, but I would love to tell you about something that happened inside me at quiet time.

On Wednesday I was sitting on the wood deck of my bungalow, having my quiet time. While I was thinking, I noticed a young plant in the garden in front of me. The plant looked normal at first glance, but when I looked closer, I realized that insects and plant parasites had eaten away at the leaves... the tips of some of the leaves had holes in them, and some of the leaves were also shriveled up. I sort of formed a bit of an analogy in my head (I dunno if analogy is the right word?)..... I thought about how my life was a bit like the plants life:
The plant has barely begun life,,,, and I have barely begun life (I know that I am older than this plant, but I still have a long life ahead of me).
The plant hasn't had a chance to be the best it can be, because insects and parasites have eaten through it's leaves,,, and I haven't been the best I can be, because Satan has eaten away at my heart.
One thing that is amazing though, is that God has watered me with His Holiness and cared for me with His love and made me feel whole,,, this plant hadn't been watered enough, and cared for enough... This  made me want to water it!! When I thought about this plant, I felt sympathetic, and I was suddenly feeling rather motivated to water the campers lives, like God watered my life. I truly wanted to be His servant and pass on His good news!

God has done so much through me, and I am looking forward to reading my bible more, as well as praying and worshiping wholeheartedly!

Here are some links to YouTube for the songs we sung this year....

How He loves us

 His Glory Appears

Like incense/ Sometimes by step

My heart is overwhelmed

Your Love Never Fails

Desert song

The Stand

And my all time favorite worship song that I have loved for ages...
This is our God

God bless
Love, me xx

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