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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I want to be whole!

I have been thinking this week about how desperately I hunger for a close relationship with Jesus..... it is possible, but it can be quite difficult. Distractions of the world are all around me, and even when I am in complete silence, I find myself getting distracted by my thoughts. I yearn to please Him, to grow with Him in my heart. I want Him to completely fill the gap in my heart, in my life, so that I can feel whole! Every time I think about His unconditional love, and His eternal devotion to me, I can't help but want to praise Him. He has done so much for me this year. My year has been rather dramatic, and about a month before SMASH camp, I really started listening to Him and I realized that I can do so much more with God by my side! I can't fully escape my pain, but I can trust that God will help me. Now it is the week after camp, I really hunger for a close relationship with Jesus. I was talking to Rob last Friday when we got back from camp, about how important it is to worship God! I told him that we should wholeheartedly worship in the way that we find easiest!.... I worship God through singing and music, and I know what it is like to fully surrender to Him that way... but Rob doesn't find it easy to worship like I do... So we talked about how we can also worship through prayer, and sort of through bible reading.  At camp, I listened to Hillsong on my Ipod every morning, to wake me up, and so that I could start my day motivated. Unlike Rob, I find it hard to pray, but listening to worship before I prayed, helped me to pray. I have kept my morning SMASH camp tradition, going through this week, and it has helped so much... It will be hard when I get a job, to do this in the morning, because I will be in a rush.... but I have decided that if it really does get me motivated in the morning, than I may as well wake up earlier! I just want to be so close to Him, and this time, I am desperate to grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus, and not go downhill again.

God is so good :) May He bless you all!
Love -E- xoxo

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