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Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic 100 years on

Yesterday Rob and I watched Titanic in 3D. We only realised when we got to the cinema, that it was the 100 year anniversary.  I hadn't watched the movie since I was about 13, so it was a bit of a shock to watch it in 3D. I know a lot of people pay out the movie, but in my opinion it is beautiful. The love between Jack and Rose is genuine, but that isn't the reason why I like the movie so much. I like it because there was a lot of research put into the movie, and it shows the viewers some of what the passengers and crew on Titanic went through. Some of the things that they showed in the movie did happen. The story of Jack and Rose isn't real, but a similar story could have happened. Anything could have happened on this ship! Every person, weather they were crew or passengers, had a story. They each had a life, and to watch that all fall apart was most certainly sad. It was hard watching this movie in 3D, because it obviously brought you to the reality of what happened on the ship. Most of the people tried everything to fight for survival. They fought hard to get into the boats, and those who didn't, clung hard onto the rails so they could stay out of the freezing water as long as possible. Some people didn't try at all...the captain locked himself into his room and went down with his ship, the violinists played their music on deck until the ship sunk, so that they could calm the passengers. Other people jumped off the ship, or stayed in their bedrooms to drown.
It was amazing at the start seeing real footage of the sunken ship in 3D as well. This movie is far more real than people think it is.
It really angers me that there weren't enough lifeboats, so that the ship would look better and have more space on deck! They wouldn't have crashed if the person who invested in making the ship, wanted to go faster so that they would get to America early to make headlines. First class were let on to the lifeboats first, and a lot of third class were locked up downstairs to drown. It was all about class! They said "Not even God could sink this ship" well He did.


My heart goes out to the relatives of those who died.

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