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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

About me! (Personal Version)

This was a note a did on facebook that one of my friends sent me... I thought I would share it... but since my blog is more personal, I have changed a few of the answers.

1. Real name? Elissa May Kingsford
2. Nicknames? I have a few... Liss, Lissy, E, Eeeelissa
3. Zodiac sign? I don't know, and I don't care really because it is a load of rubbish in my opinion!
4. Male or female? Female
5. Primary school? Ferny Hills State School
6. Middle school? I'm Aussie, I didn't go to middle school!
7. High school? Ferny Grove Sate High School
8. Hair color? Sandy Blonde
9. Tall or short? I would have to say medium
10. Trackies or jeans? It depends where I am!
11. Phone or camera? Both. I love photography, and I love my phone.
12. Health Freak? Uhm... not really, but I do try to be healthy... sort of.
13. Orange or apple? I eat apples more, but only because I can't be bothered cutting up an orange.
14. Do you have a crush on someone? I am in love with Rob. I did have a crush on James, and my friend Louis, but I don't any more.
15. Eat or drink? They are both important!
16. Piercings? My ears are pierced once.
17. Pepsi or coke? Coke!!!!!!! I hate Pepsi!


18. Been in an airplane? Yes, twice, but the last time was when I was 3 and a half.
19. Been in a relationship? Many... about 8 stupid ones.... and One good one, that will last.
20. Been in a car accident? Not really... sort of... where the car was only a bit damaged, it wasn't huge.
21. Been in a fist fight? nope, I have punched a few people before though.
22. First piercing? ears
23. First best-friend? Bec... but now it is Rob. I suppose I have some close friends in general, but not specifically.
24. First award? I got a few good girl awards in primary school.
25. First crush? Ian Roe in Pre-school... but my biggest primary school crush was Jake Thompson.
26. First word? I think It may have been "Boo!"
27. Last person you talked to in person? Rob
28. Last person you texted? Rob
30. Last song you listened to? Devotion
31. Last thing you bought? My She is... T-shirt!


33. Food? I has way to many... Shepherds pie, chocolate, jelly beans, Philadelphia cream cheese, ice cream, custard.
34. Drinks? I love a glass of water ;)
35. Bottoms? No, I only have one!
36. Flower? Lily or rose
37. Animal? Wombats
38. Colors? Pink and purple
39. Movie? Don't have a particular favorite... probably Tangled at the moment.
40. Subjects? Early Childhood Practices, Tourism, Visual Arts.


41. Fallen in love with someone? Yes, still am.
42. Celebrated Halloween? nope, it is rubbish.
43. Had your heart broken? Yer.
44. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone? Yep.
45. Someone question your gender? nope
46. Eatten a whole pizza? Nope, but I have eaten half a pizza. It depends though, I have eaten a whole mini pizza... does that count???
47. Tried to do something, but didn't succeed? Plenty of times... I think it is important to fail at some things though... we are human, and therefore we are not perfect.
48. Did something you regret? Yer, I cut myself and left scars on my legs... That was stupid!... The worst thing that I regret, I can't even right on my blog! Oh well, mistakes have to happen in life. I have done and said many things that I have regretted.
49. Broke a promise? Yer, a number of times... I usually regret it, but sometimes breaking promises are the right thing to do, if they are hurting someone.
50. Had a secret? Certainly have, and still do.... again, not going to right it on my blog!
51. Pretended to be happy? Indeed I have, and I am rather good at it ;)
52. Met someone who changed your life? Yer... Rob :) I think everyone that we meet, changes our lives, weather it is small or big, they still have an impact somehow.
53. Pretended to be sick? Many times... mostly because I was being bullied at school though.
54. Tried something you normally wouldnt do, and liked it? Yer.
55. Cried over a silly thing? Definitely... but I can't think of specifics.
56. Ran a km? Not ran, I have jogged and walked a km... I have tried to before, but my Asthma doesn't allow it.
57. Went to the beach with your best friend? Yerr... good times.
58. Got into an argument with your friends? Too many to count, but I didn't start it! It was always Bec who started it... and I was either in the middle of the argument, or the person Bec was arguing with.
59. Hated someone? I dislike many people that I have met over the years, but as much as I would like to hate them, I don't. It is wrong to hate... I love them, because God loves them.
60. Stayed single a whole year? This is a silly question!
61. Eating?  Chocolate Love heart with hundreds and thousands on top.
62. Drinking? Nothing at the moment
63. Listening? The sound of the computer, my typing, the breeze outside and the squeaky washing line.
64. Plans for today? Relaxing, going for a walk, doing my exercises, and going to Girls Brigade. Then After GB, watching Winners and Loser's, Dinner date, and whatever else is on TV
65. Waiting for? Rob to propose!
66. Want kids? Yes, three!
67. Want to get married? Yep, and I am ready for it right now!
68. Careers in mind? Being an Early Childhood Educator in a childcare setting... I will be in God's timing.


69. Lips or eyes?  Eyes... but I must say that Rob's lips are great to kiss.
70. Shorter or taller? Taller
71. Romantic or spontaneous? Romantic with some Spontaneous
72. Nice stomach or nice arms? Does it matter?
73. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship!
74. Looks or personality? personality


75. Lost glasses or contacts? Yes, I have lost my glasses before... they completely disappeared.
76. Snuck out of a house? Not my house, but Bec and I snuck out of her house once or twice!
77. Held a gun/ knife for self defense? nope. I have a fear of Guns and could never touch one!
78. Broken someones heart? Yes I suppose I have.
79. Been in love? Yep, still am.
80. Cried when someone dies? Of course I have! You would be heartless not to! When Grandad died, I cried almost every day for about a month. When someone dies at church I cry, and when I hear on the news about tragedies, I certainly tear up.


81. Yourself? I didn't used to at all, I was always putting myself down....but now I am beginning to believe in myself.
82. Miracles? Yes, they exist and happen all the time.
83. Love at first sight? No, Love has to mature and grow.
84. Heaven? Yes, I don't even question it!
85. Santa Clause? No, never did.
86. God? Absolutely, I am His Daughter, and He is eternally devoted to me :)
87. Kiss on a first date? Not really, when I have had my first kisses, they weren't on dates. Rob was over at my house, when we had our first kiss... I wouldn't call it a date.


88. Is there anyone you want to be with right now? Rob.... and my friends, whom I miss dearly.
89. Do you know who your real friends are? Yep.

Love, Me
God bless xx


Anonymous said...

"Stayed single a whole year? This is a silly question!" ... lol why was this a silly question?

Liss said...

A silly question because you are single all your life until you hit teens.

Anonymous said...

hmm i guess so, technically. but i dont think you count as single as a child. interesting though. :)