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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Decisions and pressure.

Sometimes I'm really not sure what to decide.... Let's just say, I am indecisive. I guess I am this way, because I am constantly being pressured to decide. Decisions effect everyone. There is a chance that your decision will be a good one, and there is a chance that your decision will be a bad one. I personally hate decision making. Depending on what it is, I prefer someone else to make the decision for me, especially if , for example:  I'm staying at a friends house for dinner and desert, and she is going to buy us a tub of ice cream for desert, so she asks me "Do you want me to get Strawberry, or Chocolate Ice cream?"... I would say "You choose, it is your money!"... and she would say "You're the guest".... Sheeesh! What am I supposed to pick? In fact, in this situation I am not actually being indecisive... I would definitely want to pick chocolate ice cream... but what if she wants Strawberry? The pressure is on!
Pressure, I hate pressure! Decisions almost always involve pressure. Of course there are decisions that I need to make, and want to make... it is important that we are independent and we have an opinion, but if I have to make a choice that effects someone else, I hate it. Too much pressure.
This weekend, my brother Tim, invited a bunch of the young adults from church, to go camping with him out at Samford. I suppose something in me wanted to go. I have never been camping, apart from in my back yard, and at the church. It sounded fun. The thing is, Rob isn't much into camping, and he had Uni assignments to do this weekend.  I didn't want to go unless he was going. On the other hand, James was going, and so was Ash and Bec... I was a bit envious of them going, and me missing out on the fun. I sort of considered going, but the more I thought about it, the more confusing it sounded.... I have Sunday school tomorrow morning, and I didn't really have any way to get home before church, so that I could have a shower. I also took into consideration, how late I would be up, and how hard it would be to get up early in the morning. Then of course, I have a crazy Sunday school class to run, and I have enough trouble running it when I'm not tired.... I am also getting a cold, I have a sore throat and need to save it for singing on Sunday night, and I have back problems that may be effected by sleeping in a tent on the hard ground!  I had many reasons not to go camping this weekend, and I was completely put off the idea when I thought about these reasons. So I said no, I'm not going to attend. Unfortunately, the queen of putting me under pressure (Bec), texted me, telling me that I should go camping. We texted back and forth a few times, as I told her some of my excuses, and she made up solutions for them.... The real truth that I didn't tell her, so that she didn't think it was a stupid excuse, was that I didn't want to go because Rob isn't going. I felt so pressured to make up excuses, which were all quite valid, until she made solutions up for them. She thankfully eventually gave up on me, but by the end of it, I wished that I had just said "Naah, I was going to, but I don't feel like it any more"... perhaps I knew that she would somehow try to convince me anyway... I dunno, but I do know that pressure always gets to me... I hate it, and I hate having to explain myself to Bec, every time I don't want to do something that she wants me to do.

What do you think?
I am personally quite happy today, just relaxing.

God bless
Love -E-

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