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Monday, August 22, 2011


The wind blew Blondie Girl's birdcage over this morning while I was asleep. The tray at the bottom of the cage fell off, and she flew away. I found no birdy in the cage today :'( . If only I hadn't slept in this morning, I would have brought her inside before the wind blew her cage over. I always bring her inside in gusty weather like this... but no, I stayed up late last night, and slept in till 1:00 this afternoon. She must have escaped between 9:00 and 1:00 today, because she was still there when Mum left for work at 9:00.
I miss her so much, and I am so worried about her surviving out there. It is gusty and cold, and the sun is going down. There is no way for her to find food, because she has been in a cage her hole life. She won't know what to do, and how to defend herself from other birds. The sky is also cloudy, and I am so worried about it raining. I just want her back. I am so upset. I have been crying all day and praying so much, because I feel so useless. I can't do anything about it. I really really hope that someone has found her. I plan to put up missing posters around the suburbs... but they didn't do too much when Chief and Smoky flew away...so I am doubting that they will do much for me now. I always expected to have Blondie until she dies... she is an old bird... about 8 years old.
:'( :'( :'(
So sad.

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rcoll_rorscharch said...

Poor Blondie.

If it's any help, I read on the internet (which isn't entirely accurate but still) that cockatiels can keep themselves warm. If she's lucky she may be able to find food. The best hope is that she was found by somebody else. It's very sad, but try not to beat yourself up about it Liss. Unfortunately there are things we have no control over because we don't have the gift of foresight, only hindsight. Now you just have to make sure your dad doesn't throw her cage away.