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God bless

Monday, August 29, 2011

So glad to say goodbye to last week.

OK, so last week was both emotionally and physically draining... The Blondie incident occurred, I felt defeated because I don't have a job, and lots of emotions were coming to the surface but I couldn't figure out why... Yesterday I was still coming to terms with the week, and then there was an incident last night that isn't my place to say, so I won't say it.... but I will say that it frightened me and certainly made me think about a few things differently.... and I felt half responsible for this incident... I felt like I could have been the influence... and I felt like I didn't handle it well....
Anyway,,,, so yeah, horrible week last week, lots of emotions etc...etc.. and last nights incident, beginning my week topped it off.... but I think that it made me realise that I need to start to think more about where my life is heading. I need to add more prayer into my life, and I really need to include God in my decisions. I have decided that this week, I am going to chill. I might apply for more jobs... and I am thinking that I will pray a lot more than usual. I will wait patiently for God to point me in the right direction, all in His timing. That is my recipe for this week.
I am sick of worry being the extra burden in my life. It is time to try a little harder, and have more faith in my creator.

God bless
I hope you all have a good week!
Xx Love, Me xX

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