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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothing to do

It is 9:53.... wait no... 9:54am.... and I am blogging. So far I have gotten up, said hello to Mum and Norm, played a bit of piano, gone on facebook, read Rob's latest blog post, and now I am writing my own post. I am also wondering why Rob hasn't replied to my offline message. Later I will probably have a shower, watch last night's Home and Away episode, and then do more Facebooking and watching YouTube or something and probably eat the whole kitchen out because I am so bored. I will probably check the lost bird websites that I signed up for, a dozen times as well.... then I will sit at the computer wondering what on earth to do, and I will try desperately to find something to do and fail.
That is my life at the moment.... every.... single....day..... I do the same thing over and over and over. This is the bit where y'all tell me that if I am so bored, I should get off my but and get a job, but if you read my last post, then you would know that there is no where decent for me to work at the moment, and I feel absolutely crap about working.
I am glad that tomorrow is Friday... I go to Rob's on Fridays... I like Fridays... hmmm... anyway, it is now 10:04. I'm going to go upstairs and eat because I am hungry, and probably have my shower and then do all of the things I just said. I hope y'all have a better day planned than I do.

Love, -E- xxx
God bless

P.S, Don't ask why I wrote "y'all" *shifty eyes*

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