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Friday, December 9, 2011

Big week.

So on Monday I couldn't work because I was too sick.

On Tuesday, I climbed up Mt Coolum with Rob and got proposed too :)

On Wednesday, Rob and I had to swap the ring for another because it couldn't be re-sized small enough to fit my finger.... :( .... and get the new one re-sized, which was quite emotionally draining... but I think I am starting to move on now. Although I have to wait till next Wednesday to get my new one, which means that I can't show anyone my ring this weekend at Rob's party, or at church. *sigh*, being patient isn't my strong point.

On Thursday I worked in the babies room... which was good but incredibly tiring.... and lost my signet ring while changing a nappy... yeh, I know, eeeew.  I'm pretty sure it came off in my glove when I took it off... now it is probably in a bin full of nappies...What is it with me and rings?

And today, Friday, I worked in the pre-school room. Now my feet and back hurt like crazy, and so does my voice, because I had to yell at the pre-schoolers a number of times. They have no respect for me. *sigh* I am working there next Monday too.

Oh well... I am still rather happy... I am engaged! ;) Yaaaaay! hehe... yeh, it still hasn't kicked in that I have a fiance.

The weekend is going to be big too. Tomorrow night (that is Saturday if you don't know the days of the week), is Rob's 21'st birthday party, and I am going to be at his house all day helping out, and then obviously attending the party. I'm pretty sure I am going to get an early night tonight, I'm so tired and worn out...... but poor Rob has it worse..... he is working from 6:00 to 12:30 tonight :(  He isn't exactly going to get a sleep in tomorrow.
Hopefully he can run on adrenalin. OOOOoooo YAY we are announcing our engagement tomorrow night! So excited for that.... it means that I will be able to make it facebook official after the party!
On Sunday, church people will find out, if they haven't found out already, which is going to be fun too! Hmmm only sucky thing about Sunday is that we have a HUGEly long practice for our Christmas Carols, and my voice is still killing me..... Oh, and Rob is working on Sunday night :(

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