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Sunday, December 11, 2011


So I felt really yucky yesterday. I wasn't too bad during the day... but I felt a bit sick. I felt like I was hungry and sick at the same time. I barely ate anything. This morning I felt better, and decided I could handle tinned peaches and pears for breakfast. After church, Rob bought me Hungry Jacks, because I was really hungry... but I couldn't finish my burger or drink. From then on, I felt sick. I had practice for Carols straight after lunch, but I felt so yuck. I got worse through the afternoon. When we had a break before the next run through, I decided that I couldn't stay. Later at home, I eventually chucked up. It wasn't pleasant... but now I feel much better. I still feel sick and weak, but my tummy isn't feeling gross like it was. Unfortunately it means that I can't work tomorrow because we have to stay away from work for 24 hours after being sick :(  Oh well, the plus side is that I get to go to the doctors tomorrow about my throat. I would have had to wait till Friday for the doctors if I was still working tomorrow. *Sigh* I'm sick of being sick.... This sore throat has gone on for 14 weeks now, and this will be my third visit to the doctors in the past 2 months... and all because of my sore throat. I'm hoping to be referred to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. I have one week till the Carols production!


Anonymous said...

i hope they figure out whats wrong and give u something for it soon.
:( ur throat and feeling sick the last couple of days arent connected are they?

Liss said...

Nope, no connection.