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Monday, December 5, 2011

New uploads

2 new uploads to YouTube. Let me know what you think. Be honest.

Amazing Grace, My chains are gone.

In Your Hands.


Anonymous said...

grr i keep having blonde moments when i post and accidentally forget to hit annon down below so it wont send what i've said. lets try again... 3rd time lucky!

1st - love the fact that there was a post for me to look at today ;)

2nd - you have gotten very good, even with ur soar throat. im kinda hoping pple dont sing along with u at the carols so that i can just sit and listen to u. lol. :)
only comment/tip/question really i have on this is: is it possble for u to be a little louder? coz against the piano its hard to hear in some parts. but is it possible to keep that soft sweet whispery quality that u have and just turn it up? lol i dont know if that even makes any sense? sorry i made more sense the other times i wrote it.

Liss said...

Actually I didn't sing this with my sore throat lol. I recorded these in winter.... and I only realised on saturday that I hadn't uploaded them.

I can't really make my voice louder... my voice sounds rediculous when I sing loud. The only way of hearing my voice better would be recording with a mic. Unfortunately I don't have a mic lead, or speakers in my room to plug it into. Hehe, or I could hook up my keyboard in the bathroom so my voice echo's! I have thought about recording at the church some time... maybe when I get better.
Thanks for your feedback <3