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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I don't have a boyfriend any more.....

I don't have a boyfriend any more..... I HAVE A FIANCE!  I'M ENGAGED!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
So on Sunday Rob told me that he would like to go out with me on Tuesday, to make up for the lost time we have had, because of his new job. So I was like... cool, where should we go? He suggested we go up the coast and walk up Mt Coolum. I was all for it, because we had talked about climbing it soon. A few years ago at Schoolies, I climbed Mt Coolum and I thought it would be nice to do that again. It would be a lovely day with Rob, I thought. SO despite the weather warnings that it would rain.... He persisted with the idea that we climb up the mountain. I thought he was crazy, but we went ahead with it. We had fun climbing the mountain. We got to the top and sat for a while. It was really windy and over cast, but I was enjoying myself. After about 15 minutes... he gave me a hug... and started telling me how much he loves me... I thought it was sweet... then much to my amazement, he got down on one knee and pulled the ring out! He asked me to marry him! I was in tears, and lol I actually asked if he was being serious! It was all so sudden, and I was amazed, as well as really shocked. I still haven't come to terms with it. I no longer have a boyfriend, I have a fiance! We stayed up on the mountain for about 5 more minutes, and then walked down, obviously having a huge chat on the way down. I was still in disbelief! When we got to the bottom, he took me to a nice quiet spot at Noosa, looking out at the water, and beach. We had a picnic lunch .... including some sparkling wine! Then we played around on the beach for a while. It was perfect.
The funny thing was, he had planned this for a while, and I knew that we planned to climb the mountain soon... so I joked about him proposing up the top of it! Lol. I was semi being serious... but I didn't know that he had already planned it. Theeen.... when we were on top of the mountain, I was joking around again.... I was like "Rob, this is the part where you pull the ring out!" I told him I was joking, and that there is really no pressure... I made sure he knew that he could propose when he feels ready, even if I had to wait a while..... Hehe. He must have been loling... about 10 minutes after I joked about it... that is exactly what he did. 

I love my Fiance. He is Romantic, gorgeous... and my Best friend!

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