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Thursday, December 22, 2011

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder)

 For a long time I have believed that everyone has a little bit of OCD... we like to put certain things in certain places, and we like to do certain things in certain ways. We feel uncomfortable being told to do things a different way to what we like.
I have some weird  "OCD's" .... When I hang the washing out, I don't feel comfortable using two different coloured pegs for one piece of clothing... e.g.... I use two pink pegs for a T-shirt, I won't use one pink and one red.  If  I'm hanging the washing out with Mum, she will use different coloured pegs and it kind of frustrates me a little.... but the thing is, if I had diagnosed OCD, I would want to change all of Mum's pegs, and make sure it was right. I would also probably insist that I hang out the washing myself, so that it is done perfectly. Often someone with OCD would worry that something bad is going to happen if things aren't done perfectly.
So I guess when I say that I have "OCD's" I'm over exaggerating.... but yes, some people would think that I am crazy for having to use the same coloured pegs!.... Another thing I insist on, is having all of my soft toys on my bed, in the right spot. I have always made a right spot for my toys, and until I put toys away or decide to move them myself, I don't like them being out of order.... Hehe, also, when I sing on stage at church, I hate it when the sheets of music slightly stick out of the plastic sleeves in the music folder. I always like to have them neatly in the right spot.

Here is the link that I got the following information off. I just want to ensure you that I am claiming none of the following information as my own. ....


OCD is a type of anxiety disorder involving two elements: obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are repetitive unwanted thoughts that make you feel anxious. Compulsions are repetitive behaviours and rituals.
With OCD you feel that as if you have to complete these rituals or behaviours otherwise something bad will happen. Performing the compulsions can temporarily reduce the anxiety you feel with OCD in certain situations.
With OCD you might realise that your thoughts are irrational, but the obsessions and compulsions are difficult to resist.
OCD affects people from all different backgrounds, classes, cultures, sexes and intelligence levels. Approximately 2-3% of Australians experience OCD.

With OCD you experience some obsessive thoughts and a paricular compulsion. However, the intensity and frequency can vary, and it's not uncommon for it to be worse when you are particularly stressed (e.g exam time, relationship problems).
Examples of obsessions include
  • fear of contamination or dirt
  • fear of harming yourself or others
  • intrusive sexual thoughts
  • fear of illness
  • religious or moral issues
Common compulsions may be:
  • cleaning or putting things in a particular order   (This is partly me, but if you sore the state of my room you would laugh)
  • washing
  • counting
  • hoarding (I'm a bit of a hoarder too)
  • touching/repeating
You may also be experiencing a range of emotions, including feeling:
  • stressed or anxious
  • annoyed and frustrated
  • down or depressed
  • a sense of shame (and a wish to hide your OCD from others)
OCD may affect other parts of your life too and you might find you're not able to enjoy the things you normally would. You might also feel more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol as a way to escape or numb overwhelming feelings.

Anyways, so OCD is really something quite serious. I guess I feel a bit wrong calling my habits OCD's... After all I'm not obsessive over it, and I am hardly compulsive.... but I guess it is the closest term that one could use for our habits.

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