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Monday, December 5, 2011

What does my music say about me?

Just a bit of fun...
My instructions.....
Put your ipod or computer music on shuffle. Write down the title of the song next to each of these questions. Don't cheat! ;)

How does the world view me? Perfect Day (PlanetShakers)           <<<< Sure?

My mood right now? Blessed (Hillsong Kids)            <<<< Mostly true

Some good advice: He's got the whole world in His hands (Various artists, Songs kids love to sing)     <<<< Some good advice indeed

What is the meaning of life? He sent his Son to die for us (EMU music)       <<<< Hehe, I seriously didn't cheat, it was the song that came up! Yay!

How I veiw my life? Isiah 53:6 -We all like sheep (Colin Buchanan)        <<<< lol

What do I think of my crush/love? Where do I go from here (Relient.K)      <<<< Yeh Rob, where's my ring? 

The song I will walk down the isle too: No reaction (Relient.K)      <<<< Teehee ok???

When I am angry: I just want you to know (Relient.K)       <<<< Bahahahaha

When I am happy: Viva la Vida (Coldplay)          <<<< Yeh, I can deal with that

When I am sad: I'm really happy (Hillsong Kids)    <<<< hmmm... I don't think so

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