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Friday, February 10, 2012

A devotion

I have a little devotion book that I read through every day. On the 8th of Feb, I read this devotion, and it stood out to me...

'Sit quietly before mystery'

PSALM 46:1-11

'Be still, and know that I am God...' (v.10)

One way people try to face the fact that there is an inconsolable longing in the heart is to reduce it to something explainable. Dr Larry Crab, a Christian psychologist, says, 'Instead of sitting quietly before mystery, we try to bring it into the area of manageability. What fools we are.' This passion to explain matters is our way of bringing them under control. We feel less helpless and vulnerable when we are able to manage things than when we have to sit quietly before mystery. But the affairs of the soul can not always be managed; they are best handled by coming quietly before God in private prayer.

O God, much that is within me is a mystery. But help me to be more concerned with knowing You than knowing myself, for in knowing You I shall better know myself. Amen. 

Selwyn Hughes, Perfect Peace, Pocket Devotions. 

I have never thought of things this way before! I hope you get something out if it too!
God bless,
Love, E xx

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