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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Where would I be without Jesus?  I have gone through a lot of struggles in my life... last year was especially painful.... and I often wonder what would have happened if Jesus wasn't there. If I struggle now, how much more would I struggle if I didn't know Him? I don't think I can begin to imagine. Some would say that my life would be much the way it is now... I don't agree. I would be lost. I have thought that I was lost a number of times... I used to get (and sometimes still do get) rather confused about life. Sometimes I have thought that I am going insane.... but I don't think that anything can compare to being without Jesus... it is by far the most lost that one could get! Without Jesus, we are VERY lost. Jesus is the light, without Him there is darkness... pitch black darkness... therefore those who don't have the light are lost. I feel sorry for these people. Some of them think they have wonderful lives, but when it reaches the end, they won't have life at all.
Am I lost? No. Maybe I'm confused, maybe I have troubles that I can't handle... but they are temporary because I have Jesus, He is my guiding pathway.

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