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Monday, February 20, 2012

Why so sick?

So I think I have complained about my sore throat a few too many times on here, but oh my goodness, boy am I fed up! I have had a sore throat for 24 weeks now, very soon it will be 6 months. The frustraiting thing is that it isn't just a sore throat,  my immune sytem is at the lowest it has ever been. Along with my sore throat, I'm also getting stomach bugs... I'm not usually one to get sick at all, so this is quite weird. I get lots of sinus infections as well, and I have also noticed an increase in my alergies in the past 24 weeks, I get hey feaver frequently.  It is like my body just can't be bothered fighting any more. Last night I had a scary thought, and you're going to think I'm crazy for thinking this, but I had a thought that I might be dying. I'm still not sure if I can comprehend that thought.... the more I think about it, it sounds silly, but I also feel like the reality is that if I stay sick for too much longer, I will find myself feeling rather weak, and eventually another 6 months will pass by and I will be even weaker. I'm finding myself out of energy now too, because of my cold. My heart rate seems to never be at the right pace, it is always too fast. I'm feeling particularly weak today.
I have been to the doctors 3 times... 2 with one doctor, and one with another. The tests that the first doctor did came back clear, and both sets of antibiotics didn't do a thing. I want to go to the doctor again, but I don't know if I should bother... Mum doesn't think so. I'm a bit unsure what to do about this one, it has gone on far too long, and at this rate, I think it will keep going on longer.


Anonymous said...


Came across your blog by accident and just wanted to give a little advice. You've been really open about lots of stuff. Seeing as how I stumbled on your page I was thinking how easy it would be for anyone else to. What if Kane or Justina saw some of what you've written, or their girls. What about your Mum and Dad or worse, Rob's Mum or Dad. Just wondering if some of your stuff might be best kept more private.

A friend.

Liss said...

Honestly who are you?
If you read through a lot of the posts, you would know that Kane knew that I had feelings for him, and he probably told Stina too. That's ok, I was messed up and now I'm ok. It's all good. So whoever you are how did you come across my blog?
If my Mum and Dad sore it, or Rob's parents, I wouldn't really care. This blog has been one of the things keeping me sane! I enjoy talking about my life, it is a way to vent. A few people who I trust read this, only because I gave it for them to read... but you are the only one who has come across it by accident.
Thank you for your concern, but I'm all good, and I honestly don't see the problem.

Liss said...

Oh and you ended your comment with
"A friend"
Do you mean that you are one of my friends? I'm a little confused.