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Friday, February 10, 2012

Guardian Angels?

The idea of Guardian Angels sound pretty good I suppose... having an Angel watch over one 24/7, and performing miracles in one's life... It sounds nice... but thankfully this is quite unrealistic! I'm not saying that I don't believe in Angels... I do... but whoever came up with this concept of Guardian Angels, simply misinterpreted bible verses.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guardian_angel I think they must have really liked the idea of having a personal Angel watch over them all the time. Angels are Holy and they do watch over us in some ways, but I strongly believe that people who believe in Guardian Angels are missing the bigger picture! God does everything a  "Guardian Angel" does (and MUCH more!)... He watches over us 24/7 and performs miracles in our lives. God doesn't need other beings to keep watch for us, because He already does that. He might use His Angels to perform miracles, but only through His power. No one is higher than God, or equal to Him.
I would rather have God watch over me than a Guardian Angel... He is my creator! He is my Father! People may find it a nicer thought to have their own personal Angel, but I think it is crazy, because God is so much bigger and better. I think it is much better to have one awesome God, the great "I AM", our creator, looking after us. Unlike an Angel, He looks after bazillions of people all at once, and also craves a personal relationship with us. He works in our lives each and every day!

What do you believe? What are your thoughts?

Love, E
God bless!

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