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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day.

I don't need an excuse to tell Rob how much I love him... but Valentines day is still special to me, because we can spend all day celebrating our love. I know Valentines day is very commercialised, but that factor doesn't get in the way.
Rob turned up to my door at about 9:00 yesterday morning, with a bunch of flowers and a card. I put them in a vase, and we headed off to the movies. After the movie, Rob took me somewhere to practice some more driving, it was quite fun. I drove for about 45 minutes! After my little driving lesson, He took me to Sandgate and we went for a walk. We bought some chips from Morgan's, and sat down to eat.We relaxed for a while, but I had to be at GB at 4:30. He took me home, then took me to GB, and waited around for a while until the girls arrived. After GB, he picked me up, and we went back to his house to spend some more time together. He took me home at about 12:30ish.
As I said, I was nice to spend all day celebrating our love. We can spend a day together and go out together, but on Valentines day our love is in focus.

Today I found out some sad news, I won't go into detail at all, but two people that are close to me broke up yesterday. Well they decided to take a 6 month break to sort things out, but I know that breaks don't usually end well. It shocked me, because they seemed so close. In fact everyone thought that they were going to be engaged before I was! I am praying and hoping that they get back together after the 6 months, it is in God's hands.... but I still feel upset. It just seems so wrong that this is happening!
It sort of made me think about how hard taking a break, or breaking up must be. It is as though one minute your life is set, and the next it isn't! This situation reminded me of how much I really do love Rob. I don't ever want to leave him.


kat said...

certainly was not the news i was expecting. i thought it was a joke at first. :(

Liss said...

Did they mention it at home group last night?

kat said...

tim did yeh. its easier i suppose to tell everyone all at once then let the grapevine work.

Liss said...

Yeh definately. It is really sad, I'm praying that Ash will see things clearly soon, and that they will get back together before 6 months. I feel so sorry for them.
That, and I was kind of getting used to having a sister!