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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If you could change anything (one thing) about yourself, what would it be?

Anything at all?
There is so much that I would love to change. I would love to change how fat my legs are, I would like my hair to be a bit thicker, I would like to have a blemish free body, I would want to have a nicer nose. I would like to take away my sickness. As for my personality, I wish I wasn't so dramatic about things, I wish I didn't need attention and approval to live, I wish that I could be motivated to work, I wish that I was smarter and more mature, I wish that I could make God the centre of my life.
However I can only choose one thing to change.... so I would probably change sin. If I didn't sin, I wouldn't be so dramatic, I would be more motivated, I would be smarter and more mature, and I would make God the centre of my life.

The thing is, in choosing Jesus, I have chosen not to sin... but I still do it. It isn't possible NOT to sin, but sometimes I know that I'm not trying hard enough.  He has given me EVERYTHING.... I can't give back to Him anything.

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