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God bless

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have put in my first application for a childcare center! I am much more motivated this week then I was last week, and I owe it to Lorelle, who motivated me!  I have no choice, but to find a job... if I stayed in bed all day, I would become lazy, and there would be no point to life! I need to get out of bed and try to convince myself that I am capable of getting a job and becoming an Early Childhood Educator. I have a passion for children, and I'm not going to waste it. Besides that, I need money so that I can go to SMASH camp and so I can pay my parents back, and begin my life.

The childcare center that I applied for is quite posh. I'm not sure If I will fit in there, but apparently two ladies from my church go there, so it can't be that bad!
Here is the link http://habitatkids.com.au/
I also put in a job query at this center http://esvc000141.wic054u.server-web.com/enoggera.html 
I like both of these center's Philosophy's... I'm hoping one of them has a vacant position!

Anyways, so it looks like things might be looking up. I hope so anyway! Tomorrow I will be doing a CPR course with my friend Zoe.... so I should be all set to attend interviews. 

Despite the fact that things are looking up, I could still do with a lot of prayer about this... I have never had a paid job in my life, and I have never attended a real interview. I need a bit more confidence, and I could do with some guidance in applying for the right centers.

God bless
Love -E- xx

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