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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What a pain!

Sooo I went to the doctors yesterday about my ridiculous sore back. I let him know that it is mostly the left side of my lower back that is sore, and he checked it out... I also told him about the odd loose jelly-like lumps in my back, and apparently it is fat (so he presumes) but it seems weird, Mum agrees with me... Anyway so then I told him how my ankle feels odd to walk on, and ever since I went to the doctors when I was sick and my back was in agony about a month ago, my ankle has been getting shooting pains. Unfortunately the doctor didn't pay any attention to it at all..... He ended up telling me to get an Xray of my whole back, and he said if there is nothing wrong there, then I should go back to Physio. I have had Physio on my shoulders before, but not on my back.... If Physio doesn't work, then I am getting an MRI.....  So now I have had my Xrays done, I am waiting, but it is likely that the doctor won't ring me up unless there is something seriously wrong. I had a look at the Xrays, and I have spotted the mild Scoliosis, which I already knew I had when I had an Xray about 2 years ago. The only possible weird thing I sore was that my left hip (which is my sore side) is bigger than my other, but it is probably because of the angle or something. I dunno.
This whole pain thing is frustrating. I just want to know what it is. I can't sit down for too long, I can't stand up for too long... lying down is the best, but obviously I can't lie down all day, and obviously it would also hurt if I did so! I can't win.
With all of my emotional troubles lately, I really don't need this. I am sick of being sore and uncomfortable. I'm not sure if the physio will fix anything... but I guess I gotta give it a go *sigh*.
I just want to be happy and healthy again.

Love, me xx

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