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God bless

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have officially graduated!!!!!!!

I have now officially, and finally, graduated from Southbank Institute of Technology! After the many frustrating assignments (I had about 20 assessment pieces this semester alone!) and all the hard work I put in... I have passed, thanks to the amazing support I had from my parents, teachers, and classmates, and the help that God gave me when I was under enormous stress. I didn't think I would pass but I have!
It was a wonderful graduation ceremony, and I quite enjoyed being a graduate! I finally got to wear the coat. Unfortunately, to wear the funny hat (as I call it), you have to earn a degree... but I still felt great in the coat (besides the fact that it was keeping me warm)... It finally hit me when I got the coat fitted on, that I have passed, and am now ready (apparently) to face the world! No more assignments EVER again... 13 and a half years of formal Education complete. I am now an Early Childhood educator, ready to find a job and educate young children, so that they may be our future! Yay for being important.
Now comes the next lot of tasks I have to complete: Re-new my CPR, apply for a heap of jobs, go to a bunch of interviews, and get a new blue card.

I am so incredibly excited!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless
Love -E- xx
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