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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Job interview!

On Thursday I sent out my resume and cover letters in the mail to Wilston C&K and Mother Duck Enoggera.... I also applied online on Seek to Mother Duck Gaythorne, and Mitchelton Childcare Centre.... I applied hoping that I would be able to have an interview soon, but I wasn't expecting it..... Anyways, about two hours after applying on Seek, I got a phone call from Mitchelton Childcare! They want me to come in on Monday for an interview, and then they want me to come in on Tuesday and Wednesday for paid trial days! I am so excited! I had been really worrying about not being able to go to SMASH camp, because I didn't have enough money... But God provided! Even if I don't get the job, I should have enough money from the two trial days to go to SMASH. He is so amazing. Obviously I want the job... but just the fact that God has provided me with this opportunity is wonderful.
I am only a little bit nervous about the interview... but I know I am going to feel under a lot of pressure on the trial days. Whatever is God's will is His will. If He wants me at this childcare centre I will be thrilled... If he doesn't then so be it. I really want to serve Him where He wants me, and He has already provided. I just can't believe it!
I would love some prayer!
May God bless you and provide for you, as He has for me.

Love -E- xx

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