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God bless

Saturday, July 9, 2011


 I'm so impressionable that it makes me laugh!
I have a combination of Ash's, Bec's, Mum's, and my hand writing all put together to create my own unique style... the thing is, I didn't even try to copy their writing style, I just did.
I also tend to grow a likeness for some of the trends and things my friends like. Maybe it is just because we have similar personality types.
I sort of feel like, if I'm so impressionable, I mustn't really be myself, I wonder If I have any input in my own life... Yet I fight with that thought... because maybe, impressions are me. Maybe I am made up of so many different things that I have seen in people and like, and this is who I am.
God surely must have made me this way. Possibly being impressionable makes me unique... because I am made up of so many styles. I like all sorts of types of music, I like all sorts of fashions and fads. I might be more unique than I think.
I think we should think out the square more often.... and look at things from different angles... we might find out something extraordinary. Answer this... have you ever seen a person heaps of times... then one day, you focus on them for a minute, and they look different to you? I do this all the time. It makes me think.

Appart from a few issues in my life, I like being me... I can't imagine truly being someone else. 

God bless
Love -E- xx

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