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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blue skies

The past few days the sky  has been beautifuly blue. Barely a cloud seen, just a very lovely blue sky. Blue skies and a breeze, or like today, blue skies and complete stillness. It is nice to be still, to sit and think. Norm has been basking out in the sun the past few days, just letting all the warmth soak in. The warmth of the sun reminds me the warmth of the Son. Jesus provides us with both warmth, and light. It is amazing how we can  feel and sometimes see God in the weather. Last Saturday it rained very heavily for about 5 minutes, but the beautiful thing is that it was still completely sunny. The sun shining and glistening through the rain was gorgeous.

All this weather talk reminds me of a song that Ella Fitzgerald sings - Blue skies

Blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see
Blue birds, singing a song, nothing but blue birds, all day long
Never sore the sun, shining so bright, never sore things going so right
Noticing the days, hurring by, when your in love, my how they fly
Blue days, all of them gone, nothing but blue skies, from now on

I do very much like this song Steph.B tought it to me during singing lessons :)

hmmmm anyways, as much as I love looking out at the afternoon sun shining on leaves, I have to do some assignments. I guess I just felt like taking it all in for a few minutes.

God bless you all
Love me!

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Liss said...

As I did my assignments this arvy, the sun seemed to dissapear so quickly :( Only just finished assignments.