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God bless

Monday, May 16, 2011

cream cheese

Cream cheese is sooooooo yummy. I have recently gotten quite addicted. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is of course the best, but any cream cheese is good as far as I know. Rob sometimes buys me Philly, and I loves it so much... mmmmm. Mum has started buying the home brand stuff, it is pretty good too. I ate about half a tub last week all on my own. The best time to eat cream cheese is in the afternoon, or on a Monday night watching Jonathan Creek... but lately Rob and I have eaten popcorn instead. Cream cheese can get expensive after a while. Hmmm I love savoury foods... instead of going straight to the lollies at a party, I prefer to go to the dip and just stand there and eat it. That is until I realise that I must look rather greedy eating all the dip. I think Parties should have cream cheese... I could just spread it onto crackers and take them with me on a plate, and not have to worry about people watching. Other cheeses are good too... but I refuse to eat anything with capsicum in it... or mold, like blue vein cheese. 
Hmm I probably shouldn't be blogging right now, I promised myself that before tonight I would do a bit of work on assignments, but I just couldn't resist... I opened a new tub of cream cheese, and got inspired, I had to write about it.
Anyways, I should really get onto assignments... besides, if I keep talking about cream cheese, I might end up eating the whole tub. Mum wouldn't be to happy. She likes cream cheese too.
Bye for now
God bless
Love me xx


rcoll_rorscharch said...

And when she's done with the cream cheese, she swirls it all down with delicious V... because since she's an angel already, she doesn't need wings.

Liss said...

Aww Rob! Now I crave V.
Yur sweet by the way!... even though I am far from an angel.

Love you!