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Thursday, May 5, 2011


We all have opinions right? We all usually want to have a say on a mattter.
Unfortunatly, sometimes we have an opinion and it isn't accepted. At home I feel like I barely ever have an opinion, for example:   I like Home and Away ok? I know it doesn't have a good reputation because it is a soapy, but I like it. I like the stories, and the relations. The thing is, Matt doesn't like Home and Away, he thinks it is lame and repetative... when an add comes on for it, he calls it lame and questions why I watch it.  I try to tell him that I have an opinion, and he tells me that I don't. I know it sounds a bit silly that I would get frustraited over this but I do (nearly everything he says frustraits me). Matt says I am 'easy to get'... he means that my intrests are corny in other words. He will never understand I am a very emotional person, and that is why I connect with things  more easily. He has never understood me, and whenever I want a say, he cuts me off.
Here is my opinon ....
We should all have the right to state our own opinion (providing it is the right time and place, and it isn't too harsh), all the better if we agree, but if we don't agree, we should at least agree to dissagree instead of fighting about it.

I guess I am the type who likes absolutely everything fair. I tend to fight for my own rights and others. Hmm anyways. Just a thought for now. What do you think?

God bless
love me xx


Liss said...

Oh and I forgot to add, this is why I like blogging! I get to say pretty much whatever I want :)

rcoll_rorscharch said...

lol please don't this as contradiction darling, just delving into this with a hypothetical argument.

Opinions are great. They are the birth of individualism. It really doesn't matter if you like something that's good or bad - the point is you like it. Conformity is never a good thing (I lurve Justin Bieber because he's such a good singer and all my friends like him so I have to like him too!) but neither is anti-conformity. (I hate Justin Bieber because you look cool by the right kind of people if you hate him) My brother likes pop music, most people (including me to some extent) would call that poor taste, but he likes it and it's what makes him, well, him. I like the Godfather and Lord of the Rings, and I know Elissa can't stand either of them, but are either of us wrong for thinking that way?

Unfortunately you'll find in life that religion/relationship with God can contradict this free-spirited view from time to time. We hate being told that our favourite show sucks, but then we're quick to remind atheists how 'stupid' they are for thinking there's no God. Opinions are supposed to be subjective, yet we as christians we are bombarded with the message that the worst thing you can say to someone is 'you believe what you want to believe and I'll do likewise.' So even though in 99.99% of everyday life everyone's entitled to their own opinion and conformity is stupid, religion is ultimately about... conformity?

That's not to sound cynical, it's just interesting to note how we all can apply different standards to different situations.

Higgenbottom said...

I love watching Roseanne (old show from the 80s and 90s) and most people tease me about it, but I'm proud of my quirk! Have fun watching your show, don't feel the need to defend it. :o)

Liss said...

@ Rob - you make a good point

@Higgenbottom- Thank you very much! :D