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God bless

Sunday, May 22, 2011

When I go down

Check this link out. When I go down- Relient K

It is a long song, but it is pretty much exactly how I feel. Sometimes I find lyrics of songs that only sort of relate to me, or only some of the lyrics relate to me... but when I listened to the words of this song, I realised that it is exactly how I feel. It is good to look at the words sometimes... what is the point in the words if they aren't listened to? 

"When I go down, I go down hard, and I take anything I've learned and teach myself some disregard. When I go down, it hurts to hit the bottom, and of the things that got me there, I think if only I had fought them"

I certainly have a low self esteem, I do teach myself some disregard. I constantly put myself down.... and the same thing always remains, I wish that I had fought my problems earlier. The longer we leave things, the more damaged we end up being. 

Thankfully we always have someone there with open arms

"When I go down, I lift my eyes to you, I won't look very far, Cause you'll be there with open arms"

My prayer is that you will look to Jesus when your going down, so that He can lift you up with his open arms.

God bless
Love me xx



Stephanie Grace said...

only one more week liss! you CAN do it!!!! one day at a time love. love you so much!

xx steph

Liss said...

Thanks Steph! Your amazing. Love you even more!
God bless