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God bless

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why I love him (warning, this is a tad bit soppy)

I love him because:
He loves me
He is a christian
He doesn't act like the hottest guy in the world
He prays for me
He looks at me as though I am the most beautiful thing in the world
He is funny (sometimes! Haha)
He can take a joke
He is laid back
He is smart
He stays with me even though I have hurt him a number of times
He promises that one day we will get engaged and married (that sort of makes us un-officially engaged)
He buys me cream cheese!... and Jelly beans, and V.
His words are thoughtful
His gifts are thoughtful
He tries his best not to burden people, he doesn't pick a fight.
He is gentle
He is caring
He doesn't give up
He isn't afraid to cry in front of me
He listens
He puts up with me tickling him! (mostly)
He is apologetic
He is himself, not someone else

He is so so so much more. I could keep going, but I would run out of room! I love him :)

God bless!


rcoll_rorscharch said...

Is this about me? :P

Love you Babe <3

Liss said...

No! haha jokes. Oh I forgot to mention, you give the best cuddles and kisses. Could I get more soppy? Probably.
Love you too :) obviously!

Stephanie Grace said...