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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting there

So it is Wednesday and I am half way through my last week of prac. Instead of watching State of Origin tonight, I will be doing assignments :(  it is the only way that I will get assignments done at all... so I have no choice but to work on them tonight. I will survive... there are still two more games of Origin to go. Hmmm I might have to find some ear plugs though. My assignmenting computer is upstairs where my parents will be watching Origin... I would prefer not to be distracted. So anyway assignments at the moment are pretty much the only thing on my mind, apart from wondering how today is going to work out. I have certainly prayed for a good day. Yesterday wasn't too bad, all of my planning went well. Today is very cold though. I might have to do a bit of improvising with my plans... I think I might make the kindy kids have their inside play today first, and their outside play last. hmmmm. This is my last day with group A. I can't wait to see my little group B kiddies tomorrow... I know them much better. Oooo and tomorrow is under eights day at Ferny Hills State School, and we are going. I am sooo excited. I remember the good ol' days of being under eight! Apparently not much has changed in under eight days, so it shall be a blast from the past for me :).
Anyway so I am getting there. I still have heaps more to do on assignments, but I am praying that I will get them done. I know for a fact that I will get resubmits. My teacher is really picky with assignments.  Not looking forward to that... but as long as I pass in the end. I'll update you on that later

Anyhow... I have to head off to prac... going to be a bit of a cold walk brrr. Oh wells.

God bless
Love me xx

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