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God bless

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So uhm... yeh. Today was boring. Besides that I am sick and sleepy and I nearly fell asleep in class. I am also sick of crazy people in my class at tafe panicking all the time!! I suppose I panicked last week but I didn't complain to everyone. Yes tafe is hard, yes it seems impossible that all of our assignments will get done but seriously, I am pretty sure panicking isn't going to make anything better. If anything everyone is going to get stressed even more *sigh*.
Soooo. got GB tonight, should be ok, but it seems that the clouds are coming over and I can imagine the little Cadets going nuts because of the rain. I am pretty sure we are doing mothers day crafts of some sort today.... could be a tad bit messy me thinks. Oh well, I am used to being the one to clean up all the mess. I don't mind doing so either really. I just hope my cold doesn't weaken me too much.

Yeh, that's about it. ttyl
God bless
Love me xx

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