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Monday, May 2, 2011

On Sunday

Oooook. So this-mornings church service was pretty great (WAIT, now that it is 1:24 am, it was actually yesterday mornings church service!). Good worship, good sermon too. Hmmm bit of a weird day though. Kids club started up for this term... this is my term off and it was weird because Rob was at Kids club and I wasn't. Other weird thing is Bec showed up to church... she hasn't done that for a while, and then she insists that we go to Great Western for lunch. We hadn't been to Great Western for lunch in ages. It was our tradition for a year or two and it suddenly ended, today was the first day in a long time. Anyways so then Rob stayed at mine for the rest of the day, that was pretty normal. Then Bec came to church with other Bec for the night service, that was defiantly unusual. Matt was worship leading but it was reasonably quieter than usual. Glen's sermon was good but I was a bit out of it, just one of those distracted nights... I got the gist of it though. Worship after the sermon though... oh my gosh... it suddenly got amazing. Matt introduced Hillsong's 'Aftermath' as an item. I had obviously heard it before, but it really got to me. I was sitting down with my head bowed and then the tears flowed the whole way through the song and all through 'Savior King' . I thought about all that God had done for me this week... how many prayers he has answered... and I couldn't stop thanking Him. As 'Savior King' came on, I couldn't help but stand and raise my arms and continue to cry tears of joy. He has provided everything for me! My weird day just didn't matter any more. Hmmm I wish I could go to church every day.

Anyway it be time for me to go to bed. Night Night. or should I say good morning?

xoxo God bless
Love me!

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