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Thursday, May 12, 2011

We're NOTHING without you!

Let's make believe we're all ok?
Sure let's try that. Let's believe there is nothing wrong with the world and everything is fine and dandy. Let's try to be what WE would call perfect. Most of us would love to live in a world without any kind of emotional or physical pain.
The thing is, when us humans made the wrong choice in the garden of eden, the world had to fall! We chose sin over God! So now we need to have emotional and physical pain. If we didn't have emotional pain we wouldn't learn, if we didn't have physical pain... in other words, no feeling at all.... then we would be in much more danger than we are now. Of course there is consequence!
I know many people who sin as though there is no consequence (they don't believe there is consequence), probably because they would like to live by their own rules, not God's. Sex before marriage, for example, is something that too many people take part in... they don't see the consequence (or they give into temptation)... but it can damage those people more emotionally than they think. A high percentage of teenagers from the age 12 - 14 who have gotten depression, have the illness because they have had sex.  God created sex to be enjoyable in marriage.... you need to leave your parents, cleave, and become one! Having sex before mariage can lead to trouble... God didn't tell us not to do it before marriage for nothing! There is so much importance in it all...anyway, I could go through all that but I won't.
The point that I am trying to make (not sure if I am getting it across correctly) is that it is silly to live our own way. It is also silly to pretend that we are all ok. We are not! BUT... we should still try our best to live our life to the fullest, by following God, praying, obeying him, and having a relationship with Him and His amazing son Jesus :)  We are nothing without him.

Check out the link. Relient.K - We're nothing without you.


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