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Thursday, January 12, 2012

He's a mighty God and He's mighty strong.

My Sunday school teacher tought me this when I was 5. Unfortunately I can't find a video to go with it, but here are the lyrics.

He's a mighty God and He's mighty strong
He can change the world, even beat King Kong
And He cares for us in so many ways
If we trust in Him, we will grow and change

Stronger than any man, even more than Super Man
Bad guys running high when you see He's on our side
Na na na na na!
(repeat however many times you like)

I adored this song as a child :)

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Anonymous said...

I loved that as a child too, my daughter came home this afternoon from school singing it and I couldn't find a video. I think the lyrics are "bad guys run and hide when they see he's on our side"
Good memories :)