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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm not exactly sure why, but I really don't feel like working on Friday. I also have work all of next week, apart from on Australia Day. I'm looking forward to the money that it will bring.... but I'm remembering that next week is the start of the school week, which means that new children will be starting at childcare, and it is likely going to be chaos. I don't feel like working at all. I think I have been in holiday mode too much, I haven't worked since 2 weeks before Christmas. Now I'm nervous and not looking forward to it. I wish I was more confident, but I'm not. I really want to enjoy childcare, but so far I haven't really. *sigh*.
Today I signed up to be a Nanny. lol yeh I know it's weird, but it may help a little bit. It is basically babysitting.   Here is the link that will have my add on it. I have competition!  http://www.findababysitter.com.au/Search/Babysitters 

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