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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ok so I'm really really REALLY soppy, but oh my gosh I adore Rob.

What always amazes me is how God put us together. I barely new Rob when I decided that I might try to make him more than a friend (Heh, we weren't even friends in the first place!). I had talked to him for a few minutes on a youth group hike, but I didn't take too much notice of him at all after that.... well...the thought of being with him may have crossed my mind once, but I imagine that I would have thought that it could never happen. If only I knew. 
I didn't want to sleep at the Orana youth shelter camp out fund raiser.... neither did Rob. To cut a long story short, we stayed up all night talking. I sore my first shooting star that night, and I wished on it, even though I don't believe in it, just for fun. Rob had sort of caught on to my feelings for him, and he returned those feelings. I am pretty sure I spent most of the night trying to be obvious, just to make sure that he caught on... but Rob still wasn't 100% sure if I liked him.... and I wasn't quite sure if he liked me, but we did have a moment that night when we looked at each other as though we were going to kiss. Sometimes I wish we did... it would have been sweet... but God must have had his reasons for it not happening. Lol When it was time to get up for breakfast, I pretended that I couldn't get up, just so that he would help me up. Then we sat at the breakfast table with each other that morning. For a week or two afterwards, I sat with him in church and hoped that we could at least be good friends. One after church, I asked him for his number and his e-mail, and I told him that I would send him an e-mail in the morning. In the e-mail I was very obvious on purpose, and after a long day of school, I found a reply. By about 8:30, we were officially a couple.
Anyways, I could go further with my story, but we would be here for ages.

I always found us an odd couple...
He is tall and big built, I am short and petite.
He likes video games, I hate them.
He is smart,  I'm a bit slow.
....And the list could go on. But what mattered was that he is a christian, and he had feelings for me. Pretty soon we started having deep conversations. We both matured as a couple and fell in love. I think he loved me first, but as soon as I started loving him, I knew for sure that we were meant to be together forever.
I love that we are still learning so much about each other... and I think we have a life time to learn more about each other, but what I know now, I adore. Sure sometimes I get peeved off by him... He has also said some things that have hurt, but I too have said some hurtful things.
I love the way he looks at me. I loves the way he treats me, I love that he cried and begged me to say when I tried to end things between us because I felt I didn't deserve him. 
He bought me a ring and proposed to me on a mountain, and he bought me another ring when the first one didn't fit, and let me keep the first one as well, despite the fact that he doesn't have much money. I just can not explain to you how much I love him. I'm not sure you care too much either.... but anyway....
What we have is special. Our love we have is unconditional.

This is all thanks to God. God did all of this. He did it perfectly  He knew that Rob and I would struggle, but he also knew that Rob is the only one that could put up with me :) He knew that Rob and I would change each other for the good.  I love Rob, because God gave him to me.

I adore my Father and I adore Rob <3


rcoll_rorscharch said...

awww you're so cute hun <3 love you heaps babe

Liss said...

Yur cuter! <3