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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Kat has suggested that I talk about time... Hmmm

Time is precious.... but sometimes it sucks!
When you want time to hurry up,  it ends up being really slow... Then there is the situation where you want time to slow down and instead it hurries up.
Of course, time itself isn't fast or slow... it is just that for some reason, we feel as though timing isn't right.  It is actually to do with impatience and excitement. Time goes slow when we don't want it to, because we are being impatient. The only way to make time feel faster is to distract ourselves with something.  When we are excited about something, time goes faster than we want it to... we might be with someone special, and before we know it, it is time to leave! This is because we are distracted... which is kind of a nice thing (because we aren't bored), but it sucks that we can't slow time down. Then again, in my experience, when we are with someone special, time can also seem to stop, because we become a little too focused on that special person!

In conclusion, we can't really do much about time... time is always in existence. It is just a matter of knowing that time is God's time, it is for the best, even though it seems like it isn't!

Did I confuse you?

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