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Monday, January 9, 2012


Apparently this is the hottest day that Brisbane has had in 2 years. It was 36 Celsius in our house most of the day, but it reached 37 Celsius and it was about 38 outside under the shade. It is Currently 35 Celsius in our house, and it is 8:04pm. I am assuming it is slightly cooler outside but I can't imagine it making too much difference. I'm not usually one to sweat much, but I'm sweating heaps today. I was invited to go to Albany Creek Leisure Centre (Pool) with a friend, but unfortunately I still have my cold, and swimming would be really stupid. I was tempted though.
Poor Joey the Cockatiel hasn't had a summer yet, so the poor boy was panting almost all day. He got to sit outside on the back deck for a while, but in the afternoon the Noisy Minor birds harassed him, so I had to bring him back inside. I don't think I'll cover up Joey's cage tonight, I think he might be a bit hot under the cover.I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight either. I wish we had air con.

I hope the weather person is right... apparently the heat is supposed to drop back down into the 20's by the end of the week! I hope so!


kat said...

feeling a bit guilty but i have aircon in my room... only my room. :( my poor parents outside are hot and i go outside for a break coz im too cold. lol

Liss said...

Lol. Well my parents have air con in their room and I am jealous.