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Thursday, January 5, 2012

So apparently i'm stupid and pointless.

Yesterday I posted on facebook..... "Why am I so sick?" and a girl I know wrote "Omg try and look at trees and grass from 7 till now lolz "..... which I didn't really understand and I still don't understand. Then Tim commented "Maybe they're saying go outside and do something instead of making pointless fb updates." 

So Tim is saying that I am lazy and don't do anything, he is saying that my facebook updates are pointless....
Y'know I may as well quit facebook because everything I say is pointless. Apparently there is a certain way that we should use facebook, and apparently I'm not doing it right. 

I write whatever is on my mind, so if my posts are pointless, then I must be pointless. I can't believe that I never realised this. I mean, I have always called myself stupid, but now I really see it. I'm a waste of space.


kat said...
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kat said...

NO! you are not stupid or pointless or anything of the sort!

99% of status are silly and pointless, thats the whole point of fb. u just say whatever is on ur mind at the time. i've seen pple post what they had for breakfast! and besides that when was the last time tim posted anything... let alone something so wonderful that we all fawn over it?!

i dont actually think this is what ur friend meant. i dont understand her comment either but i thought maybe she/he were bored, as in they had to get up at 7am for work or something and were reflecting on their boring day of nothingness.

anyways whatever the reason or motives behind either their or tims comments doesnt really matter, does God do anything pointless? remember he made you!

(in case ur wondering/can see the first post was deleted i just deleted the first post coz i found a spelling mistake, thats all)

Liss said...

Thanks Kat. I think I'm just a bit tired and emotional at the moment. I don't know.

Thank you.