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God bless

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I wish

-I wish I had an amazing relationship with God
-I wish I was beautiful in my own eyes and everyone elses
-I wish I my pain was gone
-I wish to be married to Rob
-I wish that I had enough money
-I wish we didn't have to work
-I wish that life was easy
-I wish that I could have children without physical pain
-I wish I didn't need to have a period to get children
-I wish I was patient
-I wish that the world was in peace

I have many more wishes but the thing is...

-I don't have an amazing relationship with God, I am hopeless at praying, and putting my full trust in him
-I am not beautiful in my own eyes at all, and I have also been called ugly by other people
-It is highly likely that I am mentaly ill, and I don't know if it can be fixed.
-I am not married to Rob because we don't have enough money
-I don't have enough money because I don't have a job, because I am still completing TAFE, which I don't think I will pass, but if I do, I am afraid of getting a job anyway
- I do have to work. Nearly everything I do is work
-Life isn't easy, in fact it is incredibly hard
- Physical pain is a big part of child birth, and it always will be
- I need to have period to get children, and boy does it hurt!
-I am far from patient
-This world will never be in peace

-What I have said is true but....

-Although my relationship with God seems poor, I am still young, and maybe I will get there in the end. It is how we finish that counts!
-I may not be beautiful to the human eye, but I am beautiul to God and that is all that really matters.
- I may be mentaly ill, but there is always hope, and I have a lot of support from amazing people, and not to forget God the almighty healer
-No I am not married to Rob, but it will happen in time
-No I don't have enough money, and I am afraid that I will fail TAFE and I am afraid of getting a job, but the Lord says to fear not! I need to put my trust in him to handle this situation!
-Yes I have to work, and I don't want to, but God loves work, he wants me to work so I will take joy in working
-No life isn't easy, but there is always hope
-I hate physical pain of all sorts, and I am afraid of childbirth, but the Lord is with me, and I will get a beautiful child in the end, whom I will love
-I have to have a period and the pain involved with it, but it leads to something beautiful
-I am not patient but God is, so I must be, and I will be when I put my trust in him
-The world will never be in peace, but God can still use us to make the world a better place..... just wait till heaven, or till he creates the new world!

Something positive always comes out of something negative, the best thing is there is always hope, IF we put our trust in Jesus. Pray that things will heal, pray that things will ese up, pray pray pray!

God's three answers to prayer

1- Yes
2- No
3- Not yet

God bless

Love me xx

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rcoll_rorscharch said...

Amen, we all need patience to endure life's difficulties... in spite of our sins, we do not suffer nearly as much as we deserve. One day we shall live to be with our glorious King forever and ever. With God, we will never endure anything we cannot overcome.