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Friday, April 22, 2011

Let the weak say I am strong

John 3:16 "For God so love the world that He gave His one and only Son that who so ever believes in Him, shal not perish but have everlasting life"

God is so amazing isn't he? Jesus came into this world, and took on human form. Imagine how painful it would be to come from heaven into this world! Insanely painful!
 Don Piper, died in a car crash instantly, there is no way he could have survived. He went to heaven and it was amazing... he sore people there that he never thought he would see, and they were perfect and all better. He could hear the angels wings and beautiful voices everywhere. Believe it or not but a man came and prayed for Don, even though his body was mangled, and he was declared dead. 90 minutes after he had died, Don came back to life! This isn't possible, but trust me, this is a true story! The book he has written is called " 90 minutes in Heaven" and it is an amazing book. Anyways so there is no physical way he could be alive but people witnessed it....  Don was in agony, but he survived even though he had internal bleeding in places he really shouldn't be bleeding! Don wanted to go back to heaven... he had just witnessed perfection, and now he was in agony. Don survived though, he remained strong and he is still alive today, but he went through depression, and agony for many many years. He couldn't remember a time back then when he wasn't in pain. He got depressed because he wanted to be back in heaven. Amazingly Don now preaches his story, and he has helped many people through tough times, and helped many see that there really is a heaven.
My point in this though, is that Don went to heaven and came back... Jesus was in heaven as God,,,, and God sent him down to earth, His only Son, to live in this world. Jesus knew his world, but it must have been hard becoming human. ... anyways not only did Jesus enter this world as human, he was tempted just like any other human. He didn't give in though, he remained strong. He remained strong even when he was brutally whipped, when a thorny crown was placed on his head, when he had to take his heavy cross up the hill, when his body was weak, when he was nailed to the cross through his wrists and his ankles, and when he hung there. Jesus was mocked, and spat at. Jesus could have saved himself but he saved us. He stayed strong for us.
This is how we should be... we should remain strong in the tough times, the times where we feel the worse. Jesus saved us, we now need to be strong and help save the world. Don stayed strong... if he can, we can! I couldn't imagine leaving a place like heaven. God is Great!

God bless, and may you reflect on Jesus today on Good Friday, don't forget him!

Love me xx

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