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God bless

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Gosh I am tired. had a bit of a weird night. Talked with Steph B for ages. It is lovely to have a friend like her. Also spent most of the night playing crazy taxi on facebook... got a tad bit addicted. So ready to sleep... but unfortunatly I have to do the terrible job of getting ready for bed. This includes popping my pimples, eating vitimins, washing my face with clenser and oil remover, having my puffer, having betadine throat gargle, brushing my teath, using listerine mouth wash, putting toner on my face, spraying my pearcings, and then finally putting pimple cream on. So much effort when I am this tired... but gotta keep healthy *sigh*. Oh wells, off I go.

God bless xx

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